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Netphone Online



Netphone Online



High Quality, 5G, 4G, WIFI and Broadband Internet Phone Calls Over any Broadband Service Provider. 


Netphone VoIP is world-class and reliable, modern day phone system and can be easily installed and setup into any home or business.


Netphone VoIP is designed for any one who needs a business phone or home phone.


Netphone VoIP will work in any country on any device and on any operating system.  If you got a good quality signal with your internet broadband connection that’s fast, reliable and secure then you will be able to use Netphone VoIP in more than 55+ countries around the world. 


More Countries is always being added to our network and is genuinely accessible and callable worldwide.


To get started, all you need is an ATA, IP Phone, or Softphone with Apple, Google or Microsoft device.  Our Netphone VoIP phone system works cross-platform and is suitable in any conditions.  Netphone VoIP caters for all company sizes from 1 through to hundreds of thousands, effortlessly, worldwide or in one country.  If you have been thinking of buying a Netphone VoIP phone line for a while then look no further, Netphone VoIP is here to stay and is always online, we’ve connected many Netphone VoIP connections to landlines and mobiles and you can do the same.


It’s easy and there is many plans now available suitable for your needs.




Netphone Online


Netphone VoIP Phone Recommended – Welcome to the support resource for your Gigaset C530 IP.


On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Manuals as well as software and firmware are available for download. If you’re looking for products matching your Gigaset C530 IP, have a look at our compatibility database. You can also find out how to register your Gigaset C530 IP with other devices.


Why Gigaset phones is recomended: Quality to suit any requirement and is sleek, modern and flexible handsets.

Whether high-quality design for your living room or a robust design for the office or home office scenario.

Spending hours with your best friend on the phone, telling your grandparents about your holiday or holding a conference call with work colleagues: Making phone calls over the fixed line, despite the proliferation of mobile phones is still very popular – due to the consistently stable connection without dead spots. 


Gigaset has been a communication expert in telephony for many years and its wide range of phones meets a wide variety of needs. From simple phones with the essential features to premium products with an extensive range of equipment, Gigaset offers the right product for every requirement – for families, senior citizens or companies. The versatile features include an integrated baby monitor, especially large keys or HD sound quality.


The new Gigaset HX universal handsets are geared towards IP telephony (VoIP) and give users a high level of convenience, as they are compatible with any Internet router. Discover powerful technology, excellent ergonomics, well-thought-out designs and “Made in Germany” quality.


HX phones
Calling comfort with any router, with the Gigaset HX universal handsets
When it comes to IP telephony, the Gigaset HX universal handset is your perfect companion. The new models are compatible with any Internet router that has a base station using the DECT data transfer standard. These models give you easy access to the new type of telephony – in HD sound quality.
life series

Use your Netphone VoIP Phone like a professional

The phones of the Gigaset life series impresses with its functional technology, high-quality design and easy to use – perfect companions even in old age. They provide equipment that ensures excellent audibility – even with a hearing aid. Names and phone numbers are clearly legible on large, high-contrast displays. Various safety functions ensure a fast connection in case of emergency.
All Gigaset phones at a glance

Gigaset E630A GO
Robust and enduring
Resistant to shocks, water splashes and dust (IP65)
Vibrating and flashing caller alert
Selectable profiles for indoor, outdoor and personal use
Netphone VoIP – Tough and truly innovative.

The Gigaset E630A GO was developed for challenging everyday situations – the sort you come across time after time, e.g. working in a craft workshop or with small children. Waterproof, dust-resistant and especially shockproof – this robust telephone can take a lot of hits. And it is functional to the core: thanks to the vibrating alarm and the additional optical call signal, you won’t miss a single call, even in a noisy environment.


  • Different profiles for indoor, outdoor and personal use
  • Lateral key for easy volume control
  • Large 1.8” illuminated TFT colour display
  • Searchable phone book for up to 200 entries
  • Long talking and standby time of up to 14 and 300 hours
  • Message key for easy access to missed calls
  • Torch feature

Netphone VoIP – Practical solutions
for demanding daily routines.

The Gigaset E630A GO regularly scores maximum points with its well-conceived user interfaces and functionality: the large illuminated 1.8” TFT colour display makes for especially good readability and comfortable navigation. Thanks to the easy-to-use lateral key for volume adjustment, it’s easy to follow every conversation without limitations. Additionally, the profile key allows you to adjust the acoustics of your call to your surroundings – making talking on the phone a true pleasure even in very loud or silent environments. Another practical feature: the integrated torch. For the right moment.


A reliable partner.

The Gigaset E630A GO makes work easier for you – you can rely on that. For starters, the phone book provides space for up to 200 entries, amongst which you can quickly and easily find any of your contacts with the clever search function. The phone’s long speaking and standby times of up to 14 and 300 hours respectively will also never let you down – this means you can always have the handset at hand when you’re working.

Netphone VoIP – Makes sure you don’t miss a thing.


With the Gigaset E630A GO’s vibrating alarm and LED flashes, you won’t miss a single call even in noisy surroundings. And should you be unable to answer a call at some point, the message key immediately notifies you – and it makes checking your messages especially easy.

Netphone VoIP – ECO DECT: 
higher efficiency, lower radiation.


The new Gigaset E630A GO adjusts the transmitting power from the handset to the base station depending on the distance between them. What that means for you: energy-efficient telephony that’s good for the environment. The ECO Mode reduces the transmitting power by 80% while ECO Mode Plus even turns the transmitting power off whenever the phone is on standby. Keeping your home free of unnecessary radiation can be as simple as that.

Netphone VoIP – Always at your service.


Never miss another call! A total of three integrated answering machines take your messages – with up to 55 minutes of recording time and individual announcements for your landline and Internet numbers. Operation is done comfortably and intuitively via the handset.

Netphone VoIP – Pick up the phone – 
everywhere in your home.


The landline system of the Gigaset E630A GO can be expanded by up to five additional handsets – making it the ideal choice for families or for the home office. This lets you immediately answer every call no matter where you are – in the bedroom, the kitchen or the study. You can even make internal calls. Best of all: you can combine your base station with a variety of handsets – just as you like.

Find out which phones are compatible with the Gigaset E630A GO
Netphone VoIP – Using your Netphone VoIP Phone Number and Access works wonderful on the gigaset range.

Netphone VoIP Gigaset – Buy VoIP Phone Number Online with Netphone VoIP Phone.


Netphone Online


Let’s get connected, Netphone VoIP setup takes less than 7 minutes.

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Netphone Online

VoIP Phone – VoIP stands for Voice Over IP Protocol and is a standard phone.  Netphone Online VoIP – Gigaset IP Phone Range.


Netphone VoIP phone solutions and packages comes with many different pricing options.  To get started, it is good to know the basics of your requirements and why you are using VoIP Phones in the first place. 


This will make it easier to get a direct VoIP phone solution online and make the most, cost effective phone solution, you’ve ever used.  VoIP phones comes with a basic learning curve in most cases but a team of helpful experts is here to help. 


VoIP phones comes with a wide-variety of VoIP phones online with Xlite, Bria, IP phones cordless and corded deskphones.

Netphone VoIP Phones.


Get a new phone number with VoIP Phone, Gigaset, Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Google Android Phones.


Netphone VoIP is a cheaper phone calling option and makes your phone calls go over your broadband internet connection.